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African business lists and Lead Generation Specialists

Database360 is your local business partner in Africa!  We supply African B2B lists and Lead generation services  – This is one of the few remaining untapped markets in the world.

Gaining access to the continent’s markets can be a daunting task. With 54 countries, over 2000 languages and a variety of cultures to deal with, the process of doing business in Africa is different to anywhere else in the world, and can prove difficult for the uninitiated.

We provide accurate and valuable B2B market intelligence in the form of lists. With one of the most extensive African professional email lists in the world, our foothold on the continent and our excellent understanding of all of the factors relevant to doing business in this complex environment, we provide a unique blend of data, local knowledge, and lead generation capabilities.

Database 360 is your local business partner in Africa – opening doors and creating opportunities.

Corporate Databases for Africa

Database 360 are Data brokers and list owns. We build, manage, maintain and own a large corporate marketing lists across Africa, with direct e-mail addresses as well as a wide range of database solutions, from creation of bespoke tailored made data sets; to comprehensive, industry-specific information; to cleaning of existing databases.

C level decision makers including CEO, CFO, CTO, CIO, IT managers, HR managers for all verticals including Automotive, Banking and Finance, Technology, Government, Oil and Gas and Mining!

Emerging Africa Market Research


African Business Lists and B2B lead genaration

We provide data gathering services to companies looking to do Corporate Telemarketing research across the African continent, guaranteeing reliable data collection solution. Regardless of the industry or preference for defining data (quantitative, qualitative), we offer accurate data collection to ensure the integrity of your research.

African B2B Consulting, Telemarketing and Demand Generation

Database 360 has over a decade worth of experience in bridging the gap between vendors and medium to large organisations from the developed world into Emerging Africa. .

As with business anywhere, networking in Africa is vital. Getting to the right people will make or break any business opportunity, because making a sale is reliant on relationships. Database 360 opens the doors to those relationships, while offering solid consulting and marketing advice for each country.

Our Happy Clients

This partnership has been providing data to – and on – the African ICT sector for close to a decade now. While World Wide Worx compiles the questions and analyses the results, CG Consulting is responsible for the logistics of the data collection.

CG Consulting is a specialist lead generation and outsourced telemarketing service provider with extensive experience in Africa. The company owns comprehensive databases of the ICT sector across the African continent, and uses its current, up-to-date contact lists in order to obtain correct and verified responses.

Our long-term relationship has been particularly effective because of CG Consulting’s understanding of the African economies surveyed, as well as its comprehensive databases. “Outsourcing the data collection portion of our research offers faster results and allows us to focus on our core areas of expertise: research design, interpretation and key conclusions. When it comes to research up into Africa, where collecting data poses its own unique challenges, CG Consulting’s expertise has been invaluable.

Arthur Goldstuck, World Wide Worx

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