Advantage Africa

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The international financial community is eyeing Africa in a big way. Africa is finally taking centre stage as more and more international organisations are opening offices on the continent, more banks are viewing Africa with interest, and stock markets are showing strong Africa performances. Louise Robinson, managing director at database 360 says investing in Africa is a must for all enterprises wishing to succeed in the future. “Africa is already showing one of the highest returns on investment. African banks did not take the same knocks as their Us and European counterparts during the recession and the interest in Africa remains strong.”

Get to the right African segment

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RisCura’s Bright Africa 2015 Report indicates that Africa is not a single investment destination with a single set of standardised risk factors and homogenous potential for reward. Although some high-level similarities are evident, digging into the specifics of certain regions and countries show that Africa is comprised of a range of distinct investment destinations; each [...]

Opening doors into African Business

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Opening doors in Africa Investment in Africa has never been higher. According to the World Bank, Foreign direct investment (FDI) in the region hit a record $60 billion by the middle of this year. And yet, many multinational companies looking to expand across the continent are still wary of doing business in Africa as a [...]