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Consulting Services

Database360 offers Outbound B2B Lead Generation in South Africa to international Vendors that ensures you reach the right audience in an environment where information is normally hard to come by.

Offering in-depth knowledge of the economy and environment in each country, as well as helping grow your sales business in Africa.

Lead Generation

Database360 is your partner for data, market research and lead generation services in Africa. Our services include High-end technology focused lead generation, B2B appointments setting , Market research and data building.   We provide our clients with accurate, Verified and qualified B2B business Lead Generation, increasing their sales pipelines and profit margins.


Outbound B2B Lead Generation South Africa

CG Consulting has been operating in Africa for over a decade and has a wealth of data and knowledge on doing business in South Africa and Africa. We take pride in our long history of guiding foreign entrants to success on the African continent. Providing strategic market intelligence through dedicated research and information gathering, we ensure your business meets the unique business requirements of every African country by conducting lead generation services.


Market Research

At Database360 we understand that knowledge is power, without accurate and relevant information there is no way for an organisation to implement proper future strategies.

Database360 offers market research and surveys into the African continent, ensuring results through effective data gathering and analysis.



With well-trained, confident and experienced telesales-staff, CG Consulting has assisted many high profile multinationals with successful market penetration and product rollouts. We employ staff that are fluent in the many languages spoken across the continent in order to communicate with the relevant contacts and companies.


Appointment Setting

Lead Generation have CG Consulting that can increase sales pipelines by calling on profiled audiences and setting up appointments with a representative of a client company. We increase your sales pipeline, by providing you with quality leads .

Key insight consumer surveys into Africa

  • New offering : Key insight consumer surveys into Africa
  • Outbound B2B telemarketing services into the corporate market of South Africa and the Africa.
  • Guaranteed Appointment setting with B2B companies in South Africa and Africa.
  • IT and Technology focused Lead generation into English speaking Africa.
  • B2B IT related Market research and surveys across Africa.
  • E-mail marketing / E-mail blasts monthly in South Africa and Africa.
  • Strategic Consulting on how to approach Africa to get results and ROI.