Consulting – How to Approach the African continent with confidence

African continent confidence,Investing in Africa is a must for some companies wishing to expand their footprint and succeed in the future. A recent forecast by the Economist of the 10 fastest-growing economies in the world features seven African countries, and African GDP has progressed at a faster pace than in the EU over the past five years. Projected economic growth is just one of the reasons why companies should consider starting up or expanding their existing businesses into Africa.

African continent with confidence

However, Africa is a minefield of obstacles for the uninitiated, with comprehensive corporate data a rarity and a unique approach to business operations. Success in Africa is all about local knowledge. If you don’t know what the market you are entering demands, and how it operates, it doesn’t matter how good your product is. We specialise in the IT and Technology arena and can ensure you go in the right direction.

This is why Database 360 provides a specialist consulting service for Technology companies that helps you navigate the intricate socio-economic, regulatory, legal and tax environments, unique to each country across the continent. With an excellent understanding of all of the factors relevant to doing business in this complex environment, Database 360 provides a comprehensive consulting solution, offering the necessary background and research required to enable you to successfully grow into Africa.

Helping you win in emerging Africa

 With over a decade of experience in creating and executing plans and strategies into Emerging Africa that ensure success in Africa’s unique operating environment. Our strategic research, data and specialist consulting services are based on our ability to think strategically, conceptualise creatively – and most of all – our intimate knowledge of each of Africa’s markets.

Based in London and Cape Town, South Africa, we provide market research, ideas and strategies that will not only provide inroads into the African market, but use the experience and knowledge of Africa’s markets and operating environments to create winning strategies. Using the same Western-based marketing strategy isn’t going to work, as African customers simply won’t respond to it. We generate creative strategies that will interest your target market in each specific country, using all the available media.

Corporate Databases for Africa

African data is notoriously hard to come by, and we have built and verified a comprehensive business-to-business data for the entire continent. As we understand the African market, and have developed a strong foothold on the continent over the past decade we will help you approach Africa with confidence. We have a thorough understanding of the factors and pitfalls relevant to doing business in this highly complex continent.

The fastest, simplest, and most cost-effective way to achieve a comprehensive understanding of a target market, and the details of the individuals responsible for making purchasing decisions within that audience, is a clean, well-managed and well-maintained database.


We specialise in bridging the gap between investor companies from the developed world and emerging markets on the African continent. We offer:

  • Consulting services that allow you to approach Africa
  • Africa-focused marketing strategies
  • Accurate B2B databases with direct email addresses in Africa
  • Outsourced and Outbound Lead Generation
  • Prospecting of potential clients
  • Appointment setting

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